Website Design

⦁ R1500 – Fully featured and customized website, along with contact forms and galleries. +-5 pages.
⦁ R2500 – Fully feaured and customized website, shopping cart and other advanced featured included. +- 10 pages.
⦁ R3500 – Fully featured and customized website, extra graphics and detailed pages. Advanced customized features. +- 20 pages.


⦁ R100 – Basic website hosting, support, backups, 2 email adresses (low bandwidth/traffic)
⦁ R250 – Advanced website hosting, backups, support, 5 email adresses (med bandwidth/traffic)
⦁ R350 – Premium website hosting, backups, support, 10+ email adresses (high bandwidth/traffic)
Graphic Design (estimate costs only)
⦁ R250+ – Logo Designs
⦁ R400+ – Banners and signage artwork
⦁ R200+ – Business card and flyers

On Site support, setup of systems & hardware etc.

⦁ Callout Fee is R150 in Cape-Town area and surrounds.
⦁ R85 p/hour – For onsite support. Excludes callout/feul fee.
⦁ R250 – Reisntall O.S on compuer. Setup of email accounts and applications. No per hour rate charged for these services.
⦁ R85 p/hour – On site training, enquire about our different training programs.